Welcome to the NEW and improved Pied Piper Ranch. After some serious
problems with my past hosting server, I decided that paying for my site is
much better. Plus the customer service is far better. Tech support is
better too.

This site is all model horses. Any real horses used are as reference
and educational purpose only. If by chance you are the owner of the
horse used in any of my pedigree's, Please feel free to comment by
sending me an email. Just be sure to put "My Horse" in the subject line.
Pied Piper Ranch is home to over 3500 model horses. Mostly Breyer Model
horses, but there are a few select Stone model horses and only a handful
of resin and china model horses. I have been collecting for about 25
years(early 80's) and started photo showing in the early 90's. I also
started showing at live model horse shows in the 90's. My first live show
was Western Regional Live in Las Vegas, Nv hosted by Bonnie Robb. I
learned the difference in many makes. Yes resin's were included. I met
many fine people there and seen some seriously beautiful models. I
continued to show live until 97. Arizona Live, hosted by Theresa Northcutt
was my last live show for the 90's. We moved 1 year later to Texas. I
didn't get back into showing until the summer of 04 after the death of my
only child. I continued to show until last year when we moved to Nebraska.
We didn't stay long in Nebraska. I have decided not to go to anymore live
shows. Not that I don't enjoy showing, it is just a personal choice. I do
continue to photo show thou. I am active in several yahoo groups, forums
and clubs.

Well enough talking. Please enjoy my new site and don't be afraid to email!

Oh this is a must read thou. Go to my "Rules" pages first for all the
information needed for breedings and other important guidelines.
This site is owned and maintained by Pied Piper Ranch.Copywrite 2010.
No photo can be used without expression permission from site owner.